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Over the years McGees has found that many clients prefer to be directly involved in the negotiations relating to their property matters. This does not only apply to leasing and sales but might include: compensation for resumed premises; early release from leases; make good

obligations; and Land Tax objections, to name just a few.

Often clients will not approach a property professional in these circumstances because they assume the professional will want to be involved in all aspects of the matter, including negotiations. To assist clients in this regard McGees provides a negotiating advisory service.

In using this service, clients brief McGees’ personnel on the nature of upcoming or ongoing negotiations and provide some indication as to their preferred outcome. Given the broad range of instructions McGees has received over the years, it is likely the company has been involved in similar circumstances, often on both sides of the negotiating table. Consequently we are well placed to call on our experience and provide advice on how to proceed in the negotiations, to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

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